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I'm planning on getting a turbo back exhaust for my first modification and would like to hear feedback from those of you who have aftermarket exhausts. Just wondering about gains both dyno'd or butt dyno'd, fit (i've seen some pictures where the mufflers coming out at a angle, no me gusta), sound, any snags with install, etc. If anyone has any soundclips that would be great, I have a 3" turbo back with test pipe on my eclipse and it's still pretty quiet and i'm wondering if the evo is about the same. Thanks in advance.
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I know tanabe started offering tbe exhausts as a kit on the cheap. Cheap for being a japanese brand anyways. Yeah if youve had a dsm just follow the same mod path, its not much difference. If you want a quiet exhaust look for one that has resonators in the bpipe.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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