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Finished Some Mods

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well hello over here,

it's been since i've been working on many mods. finally got my kartboy short shifter w/bushings, kartboy exhaust hangers, apexi tt, txs dtec-bc w/all the goodies, txs full ti/turboback w/racepipe. also installed water injection kit. i bought the 9 qt tank from a gocart distributor. need a new gravity werx 0-200 psi guage for pump pressure. dropped it, "bummer!" but ordered a new one, 2 days ago. well i did everything but the goodrich stainless brake lines. have to say, not bad!" well i'll try to post some pics later if this website lets me. well there too big......already posted on the dcevoclub website. will be installing viper 690vx monday, and maybe have a friend tint my windows. hope this helps some with ideas and answers of how hard. :p jac
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why did you put new hangers on? did you exhaust casue to much vibration/rattle?
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