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Ok...I forgot a while ago I went to the mitsu dealership and was looking at evo's well the guy gave me some posters and said they were of evo's so I though SWEET...well when I got home and looked at it, it was the 2f2f poster, I was pissed and shoved it behind my tv...well for some reason I was thinking of this post and remebered I had the poster.

anyway, what I'm getting to is that the Evo's front bumper in 2f2f is a mix between those to. It has the middle part of the HKS bumper and the sides of the GP, except not the extra hole on the bottom of the sides. and it still has the angle up (like a blitz kit) of the HKS

just thought I'd throw that out there so people who like the 2f2f really isn't 2f2f and it is nice
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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