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These retial for 140+, THESE ARE BRAND NEW selling for 100obo

for a quick reply, email me at [email protected] thanks!

Project kics R40 REVO
Neo chrome Replica Extended lug nuts 12 x 1.5
Project kics R40 Neo chrome Extened lug nuts
Racing Wheel Lug Nut
M12 X P1.5
Kit Includes: 16 x Lug nuts, 4 x Lock nuts, 1 x Key Adapter, 1 x special Adapter
Racing Wheel Lug Nut
Kit Includes:
- 16x Lug nuts
- 4x Lock nuts
- 1x Key Adapter
- 1x Special Adapter
Color: Neo Chrome
Nut Size: 17HEX
Nut Length: 44mm
Nut Weight: 40g
Nuts external diameter: 22mm
Adapters external diameter: 24mm
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