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Fuel Cut with Cone Filter

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Hey guys,

We just installed a cone filter on my friend's EVO. The problem is,
now that it is on, the car fuel cuts at 20psi. Before the intake,
when he just had a boost controller, boost gauge, and turbo timer,
he was able to run 22psi, with no fuel cut. Does anyone have any
idea why it is now fuel cutting at 20psi?
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well, since fuel cut is associated with AirFlow...I'm sure he's probably flowing more air now with the freer flowing filter that is causing that.
depends on the octane of the gas. Personally I ran 21psi daily with my Big16g on 91 octane...some people think this is dangerous, but I tuned my car with DSMLink and I was not knocking...if there was any knock it was always less than 2 it was damn solid

I would recommend though that without a tuning device...don't go above 20psi on stock fuel system...just be safe until you can log and know whats going on...common sense.
its one psi above stock at 3500rpms and 4psi above at 6500-7000...

so no...not stock boost
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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