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turbolarry said:
Where are your fuel trims at and the corresponding RPMS?
Try and get them as close to 0 as you can. +/-3 is perfectly fine. After logging and tuning a couple of Evo's I might change it to +/-5 which is OK too.
It took mine car a full three days (maybe four) for LTFT's to settle at 0% at 3000 RPMS. I'm +/-3 everywere else.
You just don't want things so far out of wack that the ECU can't do it's job

When setting the low fuel trims does the car need to be under load? My seems to be acting strange. I reset the battery and when I try to set the 1000 RPM point, I have to go down to 0 on my S-AFC II to get the STFT to 0. I have 680cc injectors. Same with the higher RPM's? I am doing this while the car is not under load.
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