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Gad damn gas pump errors!

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Ever push the button for 94 octane and then look at the reciept and see that the pump supplied you with 87 octane? :thumbdown

I just spent the last 4 days running 13 psi of boost and for the most part running no boost at all until I burned through that tank of gas. It is amazing how slow the car feels at 13 psi after getting used to 20 psi! With my normal HP level on 94 octane up at 332 HP at the wheels I would estimate I was running around 250 HP at the wheels for the last few days.... I don't remember the car feeling that slow when it was stock, but I guess it was :)

Boost IS a drug! When you get used to 20 psi 13 psi just don't do it for you :cool:

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DAMN 94 WE get only 91 here in AZ that...
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