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hello all

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technically im new.

i have a '05 GSR and have been active on for over a year now (3500+ posts) i joined here because:
1. change from socal
2. larry is to lazy to post pics on socal, and i have to join to see pictures here
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rammsteinmatt said:
larry is to lazy to post pics on socal, and i have to join to see pictures here
Hi Matt, welcome aboard. I'm not going to post all the pics twice. You were probably going to join soon anyways to see Ludachris' 200 pics.
somethign like that

damn now ive gotta whore my way up to the top of the post list :)
rammsteinmatt said:
damn now ive gotta whore my way up to the top of the post list :)
No. That's not how we do things here. Reputation ratings are based on how we help each other and the quality of information we post. This is not socalevo or evom... B.S. doesn't fly here.

i think we should welcome everyone with open arms, and stay open-minded. everybody's from different walks of life. i've seen much larger site with 10X the members. only one way to get that big. raise the bar without judging anyone, and bring some real info "not what you heard..................facts work for me and almost everyone else when spending k's on our cars. jac :thumb:
The way to get load of members is to LOWER the bar on what is considered acceptable behavior... I would rather have a smaller more reality based web site dedicated to performance rather than "RU Gona get a HKS SS BOV? They bring da noiz!" :)

Agreed, quality over quantity.
quality huh?

"aerodynamics are for people that don't know how to build engines" -Enzo Ferrari

i dont know how to build an engine, per se (however i know my way around a 4g) so lets talk aerodynamics. you want to see me post quility information, bring on the aero questions.

"du-luck/ralliart lip vs. splitter"
"VG or not"
"wing effective or not"

those are the standard questions (ive answered all those at least twice on socalevo), since this seems to be a more sophisticated, lets experiment into underbody aerodynamics (afterall the enzo creates something rediculous like 800kg of downforce off underbody elements alone, so something important can be learned from them)

i have made and put on a rear diffuser, and i am looking for time (and money) to experiment with a full underbody tray [anyone wanna sponsor me? :thumb: ] also i have tested the drag reduction of the diffuser and have excel spreadsheets documenting these results, but i have yet to find a place to upload them :(

so thats what i have to contribute to the community
and yes, i am a rocket scientist [in training]

and i was joking about the post whoring, that just is a by-product of trying to help people (then they criticize you on posting too much) funny how that works.
and in my signature i state that i can help with aero questions. if you have one, by all means PM me or put in the post title "aero question" or something (i dont regularly check these boards, so the response might take a day or 2)
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Post up a new thread for each of the subjects you mentioned, and it will be VERY much appreciated here! Anyone who complains about too much information will be told that they don't have to read a post if the subject matter does not intrest them.

Fourdoor said:
Post up a new thread for each of the subjects you mentioned

yeehaw :thumb:

oh, where would you like me to post these? i assume in the general forum, and then see if they are worthy of being moved to the FAQ (or equalivent) section. im gonna start them in the general, each under a new thread, and you guys can merge them or move them as you please, and if this is not satisfactory, then please tell me so i dont waste your time moving threads and such
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