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Damn I want a 2004 EVO RS bad...

Thought I'd join up here, I have been on DSMTuners a looong time and figured I'd get a low member spot here too :p in 5 years I'll be considered old school, :laugh:

Anyways for those of you who dont know me from DSMTuners I have a couple cool cars I'll share a a little details about..

I have a 2000 Impreza 2.5rs with a Ferrari Titanium Silver Paint job.

MODS: K&N Filter, CAI, Unorthadox Racing Underdriven Pulley, Upgraded Subaru Clutch, Fidanza 9 pound flywheel, Borla Headers, Borla Cat back with 2.5" straight through muffler (N1 Style), shoft shift kit

Suspension: KYB AGX's all way around, H&R springs all way around, idb 3-way adjustable rear sway bar, SYMS front and rear strut bars,

Appereance: Ferrari Titanium Silver Paint job, Stock Subaru 22b replica wing, Clear corners, and painted stock sideskirts

Wheels: Stock 6 spoke SSR looking wheels with some 200$ per tire grip monsters.

Thats about it I think for my Subie... It's a track monster, Really awesome car to drive.

My DSM Currently is not running because I bought it without a timing belt and its going to be installed this weekend.

evo3 o2 housing with o2 dump out driver side front bumper
3" exhaust no cat no muffler (;) for offroad use only)
TMO stage 3 ecu,
FMIC from Saab Viggen with 2.5" piping
hks ssqv bov
act 2600 clutch
fidanza flywheel
laptop to moniter stuff as well as datalogger setup with a palm and MMCD
greddy egt
autometer air/fuel
spi boost gauge
greddy turbo timer setup
intake w K&N Filter
2" drop on springs
Primax Wheels 16x7 with Falken Tires
B&M Fuel pressure Gauge

Peace out :thumb:

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just the fact that you owned one yes. i spent two years in okinawa japan. i got to drive one once over there and love those cars. i did the drift thing over there and loved it. i had an fd, fc, and 180sx. obviously not all at the same time. but then sadly i came back here and bought an evo :cool:

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turbolarry said:
They're out there. Be patient and you could probably come up on a "used" one with less than 6k miles.
No, I'm not talking about mine. :laugh:
yeah I just wish I didn't still owe 11k more on my subie already... :p LOL

What are used RS's going for these days? anything under 20 yet?
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