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hi everyone!! just got into an evo!!!!!

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hey ya'll i just purchased a 2004 evo 8 gsr. its white w/o sunroof and has everything else. the car's handling is phenomenal. got it for 26.5k w/ 15k miles on it. ill get pics put up soon. having come from 7 dsm's all mid 13-mid 12 second cars. this car just feels like its in a completely different ballpark. the evo will be my daily driver while i finish my 92 eclipse gsx project. that'll be my fast car. mods include gt30, 880cc injectors, aem ems, blah blah blah. thanks for the space! :dsm: for life !!!
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:dsm: for life !!!
You know this! :thumb:
Welcome. Any pics of the Eclipse (I miss my 2g:cry: )?
I hate to be the harbinger of bad news, but 26.5k for an 04 makes me cringe. You can get a brand new 05 with no miles for maybe a 1000 more. You can even get a IX RS for about that much. The 04 is far inferior to both the 05 and 06, so that price is hurtin' me, man.

Otherwise, welcome to a great site, but I wish you would have contacted us BEFORE making the purchase. Nevertheless, enjoy your Evo.
ya ill get pics up sometime this week. also brand new evo prices here in reno are very inflated. they start at 36k for a gsr. so i consider mine a steal. mr's are at 38k those prices are just nuts:thumbdown
here are the pics. sorry it took so long:thumb:


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and here are my DSM project pics:dsm:
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