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Hks Evc 5

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HKS's all-new EVC is the first boost controller to feature integrated CPU's in each component (Display Unit, Control Module, and Stepping Motor) for more precise control, quicker response and improved boost pressure stability. This race proven, CARB-exempt system is available in either KPA or PSI measurement and features an easy-to-read LCD panel that can be positioned separately from the control module for driver convenience.

Feature and Benefits:

Compact Design The new ¼ din control unit, ½ DIN display unit and stepping motor are all compact in design, making for easier installation and mounting inside the cockpit and in the engine compartment;

Digital & Analog Display The digital display shows real time / peak hold measurements while the adjustable range analog bar graph helps with intuitive perception of boost levels;

Wide Screen Multi-Display A reverse illumination white display allows for improve visibility in various lighting conditions. The display shows multiply measurement readings for on the spot data confirmation;

Intelligent Stepping Motor A CPU is imbedded into the stepping motor. This creates more direct and accurate control as the CPU virtually eliminates lag time between the stepping motor and control module, thereby increasing linear boost control and stability;

High Boost Capability A wide range of boost control is possible, from stock boost all the way up to 250 kPa (2.5 bar / 36.25 psi);

East Boost Set-Up 2 individual boost levels can be easily set by simply turning the volume knobs of the control module;

2 Mode Boost Setting Function Separate A and B boost level settings can be tuned according to the user's preference and can be switched via the control module or display unit;

Peak Hold Function A peak hold function monitors and displays highest boost level attained to aid in tuning and performance. The peak hold valve is simultaneously displayed with the real-time measurement for full data viewing;

Scramble Boost Function A scramble boost function is integrated in the display unit. When the SBC button is pressed, an increased boost level is triggered for a selectable amount of time between 0-40 seconds;

Warning Function When boost levels exceed the warning levels, the display will flash and a buzzer will sound while the boost level returns to its baseline setting to protect possible engine and turbo damage. The warning boost level is also displayed as part of the multi-display data;

Stock Boost Return Function When the EVC is turned off, the boost level setting will automatically return to stock (baseline boost);

WasteGate Selection Function Can be used with either internal (swing valve) or external (poppet style) wastegates;

Dimmer Function The display unit illumination can be adjusted for user preference;

Data Memory Function Data memory is stored in a CPU in each component. Therefore settings are retained if power is disconnected;

Data Lock Function A security code can be inputted to protect against accidental changes in settings.

product link HERE

Call 512-462-0125 or mail [email protected] or PM me for inquiry. Mention evotunersnet when contacting us. We welcome reasonable negotiations and group buy !
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