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HKS Hi-Power

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I just got the HKS Hi-Power exhaust and i love it!!!!!!!!!!! :thumb: it was worth every last penny!!!!!!
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jesus. I was lookin at these. Hows loudness, hows power, hows looks, hows install? Comon dude, lol
The loudness is deep, I feel some power gain(when i get downpipe then i will feel full power),It look great i love it,it took me like 30 min to install!!!!!!! :thumb: :thumb:
Where are the pics?
30 min. install! Can I use the lift at your house? :D
The stock downpipe really sucks. Upgrade it ASAP and you'll really feel the exhaust.
I will have pics up today!!!!!!! and i plan on getting the downpipe next week.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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