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HKS Racing Suction Intake

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Just installed my hks intake today. WOW, what a difference it made for me!!!! It flows so much better than my RnR knn style filter. The power gain was very noticible. I gained alot of midrange and top end power. The car will run so much smoother now too.
To my understanding the hks intake kit will cause the car to run richer. This was good for me because I needed to add fuel throughout my entire rev range. My egt's are lower and the car will pull very smoothly. There still is a bump somewhere inbetween 4000 to 5000 rpms that I have to work out with my SAFC 2. I need to get me a datalogger and wideband to really see what's going on.
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nice...thats interesting...I think I saw on AMS's website that putting on a different intake pipe made them loose power cause it screwed up the maf and they were only able to gain about 4 hp after tuning with AFC2...

hmm its nice to see a different opinion.
The sound is awesome too. I can hear every note of my Turbo XS H34 now. I am recirculating too.
if you already had an intake why would you have purchased a new one?

can i see the link to your old intake and your new one, i have never been excited a little bit over an intake. and you seem to be stoked, i want to see how special this intake is.

noise... yeah mine made a differance in sound but thats it, but maybe its cuz i have a k&n fpik and my car is a talon...
Before I just had the KnN style filter on there with the stock accordian intake pipe. I think what made the difference was the addition of the hard pipe in the HKS kit.
As far as AMS loosing power, it is do to them just having a straight 3 inch pipe going to the turbo. This tricks the Maf. The HKS pipe starts off at 3 inches and has a slow uniform taper to 2.5 inches. I think this is the biggest difference in wheather you notice a large power gain or not. I think the other biggest thing with an intake is having some type of fuel management so you can tune for the intake. Having a smooth pipe in there instead of that restrictive accordian piece really increases the volumetric efficiency. I can rev past 7000 alot easier now as before the power would drop considerably.

Old intake filter. It's for sale too.

HKS kit
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rev past 7000? the one i looked at i thought had a 7k redline...
redline is at 7k yes...but the limiter is 7.5k like the rest of the 4g63's
My rev limiter actually kicks in at 7759 or so.
really damn...thats nice, I set mine at 7750 when I had dsmlink...then I moved it to 8k..never felt like reving past there and it didn't do me much good anyway since I didn't have just helped with 1st gear and launches, after that I'd shift even at 6750
so you got alot of power off the hks intake kit? i'm a bit new to this so i don't know much about what to do with my car so far.........=/
No, he didn't get a lot of power with this intake. Intakes on the Evo don't make power and make the car run poorly without a tune, and even with a tune, they aren't very helpful or worth the money. Stick with the things I've told you as your first mods. An intake is not needed until after 400whp.
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