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HKS Sequential Blow Off Valve (Universal)

Application: Universal

The HKS Super Sequential Blowoff Valve (SSQV) is a dual stage pull type relief valve. Unlike other blow off valves that are push type, the SSQV will not leak under high boost conditions nor under vacuum at idling mode.

Being of a pull type valve structure, the SSQV will not leak under any level of boost because boost pressure also keeps the valve closed against its seat. The SSQV is actuated by pressure alterations only, not by the rate of pressure or vacuum in the line, which ensures a quick valve response and complete closure during idling mode.

On typical blow-off valve designs, a large valve is utilized in order to accommodate high boost / high horsepower applications. However, these large valves tend to react slowly and require high activation pressure to open and therefore are not able to activate and prevent compressor surge at light-load conditions. For Universal SSQV applications, weld-on flanges are available in steel and aluminum for custom installation.

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