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This Wednesday, in Simi Valley, 9:30pm. Tuner/Racer meet. Open to all cars. Few cars showing are a supercharged G35, a few Z's. Some SRT-4's, a few cobalts, some STi's, . some friends of mine from WIN Motorsports. It's gonna be a blast. Great food, great company...GREAT HOOKAH!!! Come on and enjoy yourself to a great ambience of peaceful car lovers just like you. Add yourself to the list if you know you're coming. oh..almost the and a few elite few..will be doing a local Canyon run. So if the hookah doesn't interest you...maybe you'll come down for that my furry friends!
Also..for the 21+..this Hookah bar does have a liquor they do sell..domestic and imported beer, tequila shots, vodka, etc. etc.
It's an indoor/Outdoor...more than enough room for 100 cars in the parking lot. No hassles...nice area. Cops won't haggle u...unless you start burning rubber in the lot..then forget it. The prices are awesome....and the food...the chef actually graduated from culinary the bomb. It's real close to our 818 and 805 members.
Kis Kiss Medetarranean Cafe Inc.
3200 E Los Angeles Ave
Simi Valley, CA 93065
I need to know who's going so I can give the owner/Personal friend, a head count so he knows how much of the Cafe to reserve
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