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How did you find

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Just wondering how you ended up here and why you chose to stay.
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I was and still am a member of DSMtuners. I like this place because mostly everyone on here is informative unless you are a complete moron.
I used a Google search. It sent me to DSM tuners then on further research on that site I found Evoturners.
turbolarry said:
Came from the best;
:dsm: dsmtuners :dsm:

+1 :thumb:
I have a 90 eclipse gst and that is how i found and still am with THE GREAT DSM TUNERS.
From there I came here but I think more EVO owners should join EVO tuners and I think this site needs more people who have more knowledge about these cars to help us newbies out.
:dsm: :rocks:
I honestly don't remember how I found the site, but I stayed because the signal to noise ratio is through the roof compared to other EVO forums.


I'm just really big into Lancer Evo's. I don't have one yet but I love every generation of the car and wanna learn all I can about the car. I was lookin for a site to join that had intelligent people who knew what they were talkin about and it looks like I found it. The name, or .net just seemed to make sense so I put it into google and ran straight into and I'm glad I did!
Found out about it from DSMTuners.

Stayed because 99% of the people on EvoM are ricers.
nadzerin said:
Stayed because 99% of the people on EvoM are ricers.
Did a search on myself, and it seems that I found just after this site opened up, and they refered me over here.

DSMtuners. i started looking at DSMtuners when i got my 1995 GSX(rip) and then fell off when i totaled it but once i got my 90 GST i started going back there more and more. i probably visit that site 5 times a day if not more. One day i just scrolled down to the bottom and found the link to :rocks:
looking for info on yahoo, feel across evotuners.:thumb:
saw the site from dsmtuners of which i am still a member.:dsm:
i got a bunch of buddies on dsmtuners and drifted through myself dsmtuners a while back every now and then. and why i stayed, because i get all the help and answers i need with no bullshit posts, yea it might not be as post happy as evom, but its an easier laid back no bullshit version of evom with good help. i owe alot to this site, thx for the help to everyone
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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