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How do you change headlights???

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I know this sounds like a stupid question but here it goes. I was trying to change the bulbs in my non HID headlights. the space is very tight where it holds the low beam bulb. I tried to remove the headlight. I removed the to screws on top of the headlight. now it looks like there is something else holding the headlight in. how can i get access to the headlight??? thanx
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I removed the to bolts on top of the headlight. I cant find the other bolt that keeps me from moving it around. Where can I find it.
I'm pretty sure you have to remove the bumper. i haven't had the pleasure of doing this yet, but it is coming soon, lol.
You wanna know what. I was at another evo forum and I found a thread. You have to take off the whole damn bumper. I can believe that crap. This is the first car that I have had to take off the whole bumper. That is a pain in the a**. PM me if you need the link.
HAHA welcome to mitsubishi the 2g DSM's you had to take the bumper off to get the headlight out and take the headlight out to get the bumper off, they like to be a pain in the a**!
to remove the bumper, you must remove the undertray.

once you remove the undertray, you will be very unenthusiastic about having to figure out how to put it back on (at least it takes less time to put it back on though)
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