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How To Blackout Taillights

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Hello guys and gals,since the demand for these is on the rise and everybody wondering how to do it well here's youre chance :D :D

Here's the things youre gonna need:

To take off youre taillights off your car you just need to take off the 2 screws that holds it on the side and carefully pull it out.unplug the harness first before you take it off all the way so you dont brake the clip that holds the harness.

Once you start heating it up try to do it in portions so you dont keep on heating it up all the time.for example on the top/bottom i heat it and cut it in 4 portions since you gotta take your time cutting it to make sureyoure not cutting it from the housing or the lens.then i use the metal ruler for the gaps that ive opened already to prevent it from sticking back again.

After you get done cutting the sealant carefully start popping it off with the same ruler.flat screwdrivers works fine also but i prefer the ruler since it was thinner and easier to squeeze in to the gaps.
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after the lens comes off now you have to start trimming the edges where the chrome housing is at so you can pop it off easier w/o any problems on cracking or breaking it.

Now that the chrome housing is out clean it out a bit for some dust or dirt on it.a gristle brush works fine or blow it out with compressed air.its time to get primered,i used 2 coatings of the primer just to make sure i got everything covered.after drying i spray painted the engine enamel(low gloss)and used 3 coatings.

Now after all of that its time to take a break to let the paint dry and cure since even if its a quick dry paint it will still be easy to get smeared.i let mine dry up a good hour and went to check it how the paint was but waited again just in case.then after it dries up you can start putting back things together.

Then use the silicone and apply it to the edge of the housing and press the lens extra pair of hands is really helpful in this situation to hold things down so you dont get squirmy while putting the lens back on. I used rubber band to wrap it so it will help on letting the lens stay firm.then i set it aside for a day just to let the silicone seal cure and BAM!!youre done :D now admire the work that you just did for your evo.

Thanks for solarxclipse also on helping me to do this project right :thumbsup:
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