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When adding race fuel, it is always a good idea to remove the last of your pump gas to prevent dilution of the race gas.

Take a pair of pliers and remove the clamp holding the return line onto the fuel rail.

Take the return line off and plug it with a small bolt, or a golf T.

Take a section of fuel line aprox 6 feet long and attatch it to your fuel rail and secure it with the stock clamp. Put the other end in a gas can.

Start up the car and let the fuel pump empty your gas tank into the gas can. Watch the hose and when it starts to sputter and stops flowing fuel you are done!

Restore the fuel lines to a normal lineup and pour your race gas into the tank and you are good to go :)


PS: There is probably a way to jumper the fuel pump relay, I just never bothered to find it.... feel free to modify this method to jumper the relay instead of running the car to activate the fuel pump.
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