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Evolution 8 S-AFC II Install Guide w/pictures

-kris miller

Tools and supplies you will need to complete the install:

- Wire Strippers
- Wire Crimp Tool
- Side Cutters
- Electrical Tape
- Electrical Shrink Tubing

Pictures and wiring diagram for this install can be found at the bottom of the page.

Installation Process:

Before you begin, disconnect the negative battery terminal to eliminate risk of damage to your ECU. Begin the install by opening the glove box and removing its contents, with the glove box open grab the sides of it and push them inward towards the center. With the sides pressed in, pull the glove box out and down to remove it from its mounts. Next you will find a plastic panel below the lower left hand corner of where the glove box door was mounted, this should remove easily by sliding it down and towards you, revealing the ECU wiring harness plugged into the bottom of the ECU as shown in the illustration.

Wiring will begin with the wiring harness plug situated on the far right of the ECU¡¦s bottom edge, press the release tab on the back side of the harness and pull down to release it from the ECU. Looking at the harness from the wire side with the release tab to the top, locate the black wire in the bottom right hand corner. Roughly 1¡¨ up the wire from the plug strip away a small section of wire and using a wire splice supplied in your AFC-II box connect the brown wire from the AFC harness to the black ECU wire. When this is complete move another inch up the harness AWAY FROM THE ECU PLUG and repeat the splicing process to connect the black wire from the AFC-II harness to the ECU harness. It is critical that the brown wire is closer to the ECU than the black wire or your AFC-II will not work properly. Once you have tapped both of these wires in, cover your splices cleanly with electrical tape to keep them from causing a short and damaging either the AFC or the ECU.

Next to the black wire that we just spliced into you should see a red wire with a brown stripe on it, connect the red wire from the AFC-II harness to this wire using one of the supplied wire taps. Once you have tapped the red wire into the harness, cover your splice with electrical tape. You are now done with this plug and it can be reinserted into the ECU, once that plug is back in the ECU remove the wiring harness plug on the far left of the ECU. Looking at the harness from the wire side with the release tab to the top, locate the third wire from the right on the bottom row, it will be white with a red stripe, this is the airflow signal wire. Cut this wire roughly 2 inches from the ECU plug, connect the pink wire on the AFC-II harness to the section of wire going to the ECU plug, and connect the orange wire on the AFC-II harness to the section of the wire going into the harness of the car. Make sure that you cover these connections with either shrink tubing or electrical tape when you are finished to prevent shorts.

Now locate the green wire 3 wires in from the left side of the harness on the bottom row of wires. Connect the gray wire from the AFC-II harness to this wire using one of the supplied wire taps. Once this wire is spliced and covered with electrical tape, move 4 wires to the right and locate the blue wire with a purple stripe. Connect the green wire from the AFC-II harness to this wire using one of the supplied wire taps; cover this connection with electrical tape to prevent shorts. The only remaining function of the AFC that we have not hooked up to this point is the purple wire (knock sensor). This wire should be connected to the white wire that is the 4th wire from the right on the top row of wires. Reconnect the negative battery terminal and turn the ignition to the on position, the AFC should power up. If the AFC-II does not power up check all of your connections Now that all of your wires are connected to the vehicle harness, clean up all of your connections with wire ties to keep it all organized. Replace the plastic cover for the ECU wiring harness and reinstall the glove box in your car.

Now that you have wired your AFC-II you have the option of mounting it somewhere within view or out of the way in the glove box, we will leave that decision up to your discretion.

S-AFC II Setup for EVO 8:

Initial setup of your AFC-II may seem bewildering at first, but I assure you that it is easier than you ever thought. To begin turn the ignition to the on position to power up the AFC-II, once the splash screen has cleared you should see a couple of options on the screen.

The first option is to access the monitoring functions of the AFC-II and is aptly named [monitor], the second option is where you will make all of the fuel adjustments and is named [setting], and the final option is named [etc.] and is where you will find all of the vehicle specific setup options. We will start with the [etc] menu by scrolling down to highlight it and pushing left on the joystick in the center of the control knob to advance to the next menu. Highlight the [sensor type] option in this menu and press the joystick to the left once again, scroll down with the joystick until [karman] is highlighted, now press in on the joystick to bring up a cross shaped sub-menu. Press the joystick to the left to illuminate [Pr] and push in once again to go back one menu, once you can see [sensor type] and [car select] again scroll down to highlight [car select] and push right to advance. Here you should see either "4 cyl" or "6 cyl" and an arrow, twisting the control knob counter clockwise will decrease the number of cylinders. We want the number of cylinders to be set to "4 cyl", once this is complete push the joystick to the right to illuminate the arrow. Twist the control knob clockwise until the arrow points up and to the right, now press the joystick to the left to back up through the menus until you are back at the main menu.

Scroll up until the [setting] option is highlighted and press the joystick to the right; you are now in the fuel setting menu. The first option here is [Hi-Throtl], highlight it and press the joystick to the right, this screen shows you graphically how much the AFC-II is modifying the MAF signal either positive or negative, since we have not changed this setting yet the line should be flat. Scroll to the right with the joystick until the right side of the screen shows 5,200 RPM with a 0% below it. Using my settings as an example only; turn the control knob counter clockwise until the 0% is reduced to a (-3%), now scroll to the right to choose 5,800 RPM, turn the knob to turn the percentage down to (-8%). I continued on to 6,400, 7,000, and 7,600 using the percentage settings shown below.

6,400 - (-10%)
7,000 - (-12%)
7,600 - (-14%)

Again, this is just an example of how to change the fuel settings. These are not to be used in any other car and using them could destroy your motor. Never use someone else's settings assuming they will be safe.
Please see our tuning guide, or have an exprienced tuner, develop your car's fuel adjustments;

Return to the main menu. Scroll down the setting menu to option 3. [TH-Point] and advance into this menu. Under the Lo setting twist the control knob to set the percentage to 25%, move to the right to the Hi setting and twist the knob to set it to 65%. Setup is now complete.

--------Pictures and wiring diagram--------

Image 1 Glovebox Removed:

Image 2 - ECU Cover Installed:

Image 3 - Removal of ECU Cover:

Image 4 - Plug Orientation 1:

Image 5 - Plug Orientation 2:

Image 6 - Plug Orientation 3:

Image 7 - Wiring Diagram:

Courtesy of Automotosports

**Wiring Update!!**
RPM (green wire) needs to be spliced into pin 58, not 88.
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