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HP Diff. US vs. UK

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Me and a buddy are in a little tussle here. Hes saying that the UK EVO has like 400HP like american horsepower and that US is what.. 280HP round there. Now i know the UK version does have more but is it really that much more??? just curious if someone that knows a little more about this please inform me!
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they offer a Model called the Fq400 which is all outfitted with HKS parts nd very hard to get a hold of and it's 400hp last time i checked.
So like the evo VIII GSR has how much horse power??? and whats the name of all the UK kind of EVOs?
i know in 8's they had FQ packages in the UK. They had 280, 300, 320, 340, and 400. Each of those had close to the crank horse of its name. It might have been bhp cause its uk(idk). All of the packages use HKS upgrades to get that amount of power, the 400 is around 90usd to. The USDM evos in 05 were offered in RS, Base, MR. RS was cheaper but didnt have power anything or radio(for the most part, i know theres more), the base was ur base evo, had power, radio, most of the goodies minus the 6spd, better suspension, and other little ques of the MR. each 05 evo had the power numbers, just different features. They also offered a SSL package for the late 04 and 05 models that offered a sun roof, better system, and leather recaros.
well as far as i know ,the 03-04 EU Evos only 265 hp and 355 NM = 262 Lbs/FT of torque .The reason is pollution standards and economy.They have to pass the Euro 4 standards . Only 300 hp factory Evo ,was the Evo 6 Tommy Makkinen Edition. Those different Hp cars like The FQ 400 -FQ380 -FQ340 - FQ320 -FQ300 not facory cars.Those made in UK only, some tuning company does that. So those cars not come straight from the mitsubishi. That is what i know.Oh and Eu cars have all 6 speed tranny, AYC and all goodies what we don't get because here the evo a Lot Cheaper! AND IN EUROPE THE EVO IS A BIG SHOT NOT THE STI!
i cheked it out for you, the tuning company who makes the changes is :

in UK by Mitsubishi Motors UK’s motor sports department, in association with tuning specialists Rampage, Owen Developments and Flow Race Engines. the web site is :
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