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Insurance on an evo

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I was jsut curious how much u think i will pay for insurance on my evo I want to get. Im 45 I have 3 cars currently, no accidents or tickets, and I live in NJ, what do you think it will be a year?
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$100 a month for me through USAA (thanks Dad!)

I also have a 99 Land Rover on my policy as well along with a home owners policy. 28 yrs old, perfect record.
wishihadanEVO said:
Damn you can still be on your parents policy when you are 28? I wish i had your insurance company. I think i have to go on my own after i turn 24-25 or something. Or until im out of school, i forget
Haha - I wish. My old man was a Doctor in the Navy during Vietnam and his benefits carry over to me. I can use USAA for insurance and Navy Federal Credit Union for my bank.
12secEVO said:
damn...thats is that true for all the veterens?
Not sure. I know that it doesn't extend to my children but my wife was added to all accounts when we got married.
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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