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Intercooler Sprayer????????????

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I always forget to hit the switch when I'm pushing the car.......when do you guys use it??????
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When I was stock and near stock I alway hit "auto" when I started the car (why the hell isn't that the default setting???). Now the AEM EMS controls it and it sprays whenever I am above 15 psi of boost (user selectable).

thats nice to have EMS control that for you...sweet...can you add it in there to come on when coolant temps get above a certain temp would probably help them slightly (less heat taken away from IC since its already colder, and small amounts of water hitting the radiator
I would just set it to come on with positive boost pressure. No need to get complex :)

Well since I got mine in November and it has been rather cold. I have not even used it.
I'm just trying to remeber that I have it ;-)

Lately as the temp's get into the 70's and 80's, I seem to remember it a little more. I really like the fact that the EMS will do it automatically......I might need to get that rather then the SFAC.
auto biotch ;)
Where is the Switch for the IC sprayer?

Just got an evo, wondering where is the switch for the I/C sprayer? My evo is an 05
evo8kiko said:
Just got an evo, wondering where is the switch for the I/C sprayer? My evo is an 05
05 models did not come with them, they came on the 03 model but i'm not sure about the 04's. You got ACD though which the 03's don't have.
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