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I setup a Jestr Tuning Day at International Motorsports located at 1372 Main Avenue; Clifton, New Jersey 07011 (973-253-3900). IMP (as they are called) has a Mustang dyno (MD-AWD-500), which is the most ideal dyno for AWD cars.

IMP charges a flat rate of $1000.00 per day, therefore, this fee will be split amongst the people that attend. The more the merry, obviously.

Jestr Tuning's fee is $350.00 for a custom tune.

The date will be March 17th, however, a time has yet to be confirmed although it will most likely start when IMP opens the doors. I will update the thread once I have spoken to them.

Post up who is interested. To date 3 people are confirmed with several pending.
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