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Let’s talk turbo upgrades………

I have been looking long and hard at turbo upgrades. I REALLY want a turbo that’ll trap at 123MPH on pump and around 130 on race gas. So my main concern is choosing between a T3/T4 50Trim which I know can run these numbers and a far more expensive Garrett BB unit. I am concerned with spool up. Wouldn’t a 50Trim spool just as fast as say a BB GT3076R or Even a Garrett GT3071R? Anyone with any experience with 50Trims on the Evo? I know that they are AWESOME on DSM’s and I would imagine it would be even better on an Evo.

On EvoM there is even discussion that the 50Trim is a superior turbo then the BB Garrett units ON PUMP GAS as it spools by 3800 and also gives you a nice torque punch as well.

Anyone running a 50trim?
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