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Lexol Interior Care Kit

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The Prancing Moose is offering an interior kit. It works out cheaper than purchasing each item individually. It includes the Lexol Leather Cleaner, Leather Conditioner, Vinylex, and Applicator Sponges.

Price is $31.99 + shipping.

Click below to view and purchase.
Lexol Interior Care Kit

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I can also say that interior care is very important and you need to have instructions for processing plastic, vinyl and leather. It's good that my friend advised me to pay attention to the article Best car interior dressing | Interior dressing for auto detailing which tells about the best interior dressing for cars and I I was able to choose for myself an excellent tool for protecting plastic and leather. I cleaned the car and then applied liquid to protect against UV and scratches. Even the smell changed in the car - I used 303 Automotive Protectant.
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