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Looking into an Evo

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Hey guys, I just thought this would be a better place to go than DSMtuners haha.

Well anyways, right now I'm driving a 95 Talon TSi FWD, it's a pos, it has lifter tick, low compression, and horrible paint. I'm going to replace the lifters with revised ones and strip the paint and get it sprayed. Well as soon as I sell it, I'm thinking I'll get like 4-4500 back from it, and then I'll throw that in with a loan. Yes call me a stupid kid, but my mom gave my sister 12 grand for a pos Toyota Corolla when she graduated High School, so I get 12 grand as a down payment for the Evo or something else if I don't decide on it.

My question is, should I wait for the 04 models? Or should I pick up on the deals at the local dealership? They are overstocked on Arrest me red Evo's with Sunroof and the big spoiler and they can be had for a little over MSRP (800-900 over before taxes and licensing.) I really want the Evo, and these are still brand new with less than 200 miles on them. Are the 04's really going to be any different from the 03's?

thanks guys.
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Well first off.....good choice on the EVO. Here is some advice on buying and please take this as my $.02

1) Your choice but be prepared to see a premium on the sticker for 04's.

2) DO NOT PAY OVER MSRP for a 2003, especially if the car has over 7 miles on it. If it has more then 7 miles, make the dealer discount to $500 under MSRP or go even lower. If they have an inventory, they obviously want to move the cars.

3) Go in on the last day of the month with your loan check and down in your back pocket. TELL the dealer what you will pay for the car and thats it. Be an a$$hole if you need to and walk out......I bet you get what you want.

Last thing - I highly reccomend not buying one with 200 miles from a dealer. That is about 15-20 test drives of abuse on the car and you know people beat on it when the test drove them.

Good Luck
So is there going to be a difference between 04 and 03 models?
no..the only new options in the 04 are Leather wrapped Recaros and interior and a better 7 speaker infinity stereo system...thats all...everything else is the you might as well get a great deal on an 03 like I am about to in the next 2 weeks...

and don't even pay close to MSRP...I know a guy that got one for 26,600 in Santa Maria...and I hear the dealership in Ventura is letting them go for around 27000-27500

I have been dealing with my local dealer...but I won't buy from them unless they give me the price I want...make sure they know that...they are there to sell cars and they will sell them cheap if they have to...

Ohh and some more advise...don't bother getting it repainted unless it can get done cheap...cause you won't get your money back out of it...

I'm trying to sell my car that is in PERFECT condition and I can't even get close to what I want...I'll let it go for 10500...but have been asking 12000...and nobody will pay it
Yeah do not buy the car unless you get it for what you want. I was the 3rd or 4th Evo to be sold at my dealership last may and i only paid $28000 thats including tax and title. Well i also know a salesman there. But i had to get up and act like i was walking out 2 times. Then i brought $10000 as a down payment and they lowered my final cost $2000. Dont let the salesmen win!
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