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Looking to buy an EVO

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I'm thinking of purchasing an EVO 03 but had a question about the facts behind a company. The evo I'm looking to buy has the stage 3 build up done to it by Vishnu and was wonderingif this is really 600hp? The upgrades don't seem like that much to make that many horses. Is this stage 3 really more like 400 to 450 whp? heres the site
I'm getting a good price for it, pretty much kelly blue book for the car w/ the upgrades done to it w/ 17k miles. I own a 1G and am having my 2nd child so need couple more doors. Searched but there is only one mention of the quality work they do, and that was more of a dislike because there not helpful on the phone, not because of work they had done. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks :thumb:
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I don't see where it mentions 600hp on that page. The stage 3 kit is called the V550, which I'm assuming stands for 550hp. It's probably more like 500-550hp if they claim 11.2 in the 1/4 mile.

Vishnu made their name tuning WRX's when they first were imported to the US. When the EVO came over, they began giving attention to it too. They get a great deal of exposure for their work in magazines, mainly because the owner also has connections with those mags (he does some tech writing for them and I'm betting he receives a lot of good press in return). I'm sure the quality of their work is decent, but cannot speak from personal experience. They have their own dedicated forum on another EVO site, but asking about them there likely won't get you any unbiased feedback.
600 hp...?
Maybe to the crank, tuned to the max, and on 110 leaded octane. I clicked on "previous stage" and there they do refer to gains at the flywheel. I'll say 500whp tops.
Be careful buying modded.
well I'm worried about buying anything modded, but since it was done by a some what "reputable" shop I figured it was ok, plus its a good deal. Another thing is if it isn't runnin right or I'm worried about the setup, AMS is about an hour away. Also here is the page b4 it where you click on the desired HP ratings with th 600 mark being the highest Probably not a bad buy for around 27k or do you think the risk over weighs the deal
If they are saying 600 HP they are talking at the crank, not the wheels... and they are talking high boost on race fuel. Probably around 480 to 500 at the wheels on race fuel. I do not see eye to eye with the owner of Vishnu Racing, very poor opinion of him as a person.... but I have never heard anything bad about the work they do.

I read the 9 page flame thread on DSMTuners and I dont think to highly of the guys at Vishnu either for the way they handle themselves, but in turn I have never read anyone who has actually had work done to there car and not been completly happy with it. A plus to this car is its already done and I don't have to deal with them. And obviously I knew it wasn't 600 whp, know this just from seeing the cars that come put of AMS, takes a little more work then there stage 3. THis thread i was hoping to just find someone on here that has had the stage 3 done as well. Thanks for all your input, want as much as you can get when it comes to purchasing a new car
Bailzz said:
well I'm worried about buying anything modded, but since it was done by a some what "reputable" shop I figured it was ok,
... that might be the least of your worries. How well is it maintained?
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