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Lower I/C or New BOV.....

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i have about 200$ and i need a new toy for my toy....should i get the AMS Lower I'c pipes and get a couple more Whp ( on the AMS sit they say 7-10whp) or should i replace my stock BOV with the new APS BOV or Turbosmart EVO specifc bov........thanks for the input :dsm:
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If your considering piping, save a little more and do it all. Replace all the rubber hose in one shot.
If you just want to increase whp, upgrade the BOV, raise the boost, and tune it peoperly with your AFC.
I highly doubt installing one piece of lower piping will net 7-10 whp. Maybe in a hp increase in a small RPM range due to better throttle response, but not in peak horsepower.
i have in Injen intake so my upper pipe is already a hard pipe......the lower pipe is the last peace on the intake or exhaust that is stock besides the BOV is holding boost fine but i just want to get something new and those are the next to things on my list...
well if youre bov is holding boost for now i say go with the ams licp ;) free up some more power.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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