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I recently purchased and installed a Megan Racing Short Throw Shifter, Buschur Racing under hood bushings, OEM Shift Retainer, and Lancershop in car bushings.

Complete installation took just about an hour, mainly because of the OEM shift retainer. Had I not purchased the shift retainer it would have been much longer.

Compared to the stock set up, the new set up is amazing. I can rifle through the gears with absolutely no problem, much more control!

***Buschur Racing under hood bushings - These were extremely easy to install, just follow the directions that come in the package and you are finished. This is a rather easy project for just about anyone who knows what a screwdriver is. I highly recommend these bushings, great price, great quality!

***Megan Short Shifter - After removing the stock shifter I compared the two shifters and the Megan shifter was about 1.5 inches shorter than stock. The Megan shifter is a quality product (well for a solid piece of metal that is). After the install there is a noticable difference in throw distance, which enhances the driving experience.

***Lancershop Metal Bushings & OEM shift retainer - Not quite sure if the new metal bushings that replaced the stock rubber ones are actually doing anything, however while changing the shifter it is extremely easy to just go ahead and change the bushings. Very easy install. The OEM shift retainer is the part that I am extremely glad to have purchased, it made the whole install so much easier. Rather than having to cut the old shifter (solid Metal with a hacksaw), purchasing a new one for $16.00 saves a lot of headache.

All in All I was able to change the shifter, bushings (under hood & in car), and OEM shift retainer for around $120.00.

Great upgrade for the Evolution.
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