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mirage to evo turbo

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how can i swap my 1.8l 01 mirage to an evo turbo engine help me out
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i ve done a conversion to a earlier vehicle and it was very straight forwardcant see tto many probs for you to run intobut if your going to do it remember to change the ecu and wiring harness. i would recomend getting a front cut and swaping it all over. also check the gearbox to make sure your orignal will bolt up to it.:thumb:
regret about incorect info

sorry my car is a earlier model you will need a later model front cut
You will need to buy a new evo8 engine wiring harness ecu should bolt right in and be pretty quick...

I think Your suppose to change the fron axle as it wont hold 300 hp which is what you will be getting in fwd form...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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