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MOD2005 EVO Convoy to Normal, IL! Oct 22nd!!

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As I'm sure most of you already know, Mitsubishi Motors - North America, is putting on a "Return to Normal" Mitsubishi Owners Day (MOD). This will attract people from all over the Midwest, and I suspect, a LOT of Evolution owners.

I say to that, lets show Mitsubishi how much we can unite, and show up in a HUGE convoy at the same time at the Normal plant and wow everyone!!

Because of my involvement in Mitsubishi, I already have a couple calls placed to see if we can get any special treatment and seeing what they would like us to do!

Here's my initial plan:

Since it's a 3 hour drive from the Milwaukee area, I figure that we can have a mini-meet somewhere on the way to Normal, like Schaumburg, where it is centrally located for all the IL people. So, Friday, the 21st, people from this area, leave to drive down to Schaumburg (or some other place on the way) to meet up with a LOT of the IL people from Chicago and other areas. Someone that is from that area, can recommend a hotel, or even better, someone who lives in that area, offers a place for us to crash. {thumbup} With a bunch of people like this, I don't think it'll be expensive to get a couple hotel rooms for cheap.

Then on Saturday morning, we all hit up some place for breakfast, around 8ish, and then drive down to Normal. It should only be a good hour drive at that point.

Just imagine seeing over 30 to 50 Evos roll in at one time to a Mitsubishi Owners Day!!

I need suggestions, comments, and commitments! I'll keep a running list, and update the plan on THIS post as things change. I'll be more than happy to corrdinate things on this end as much as I can.

1) Fireball (Bryan)
2) Fireball pt2 (My other Evo.. just need a driver! :lol: )
3) CARkid
4) petersa (Andy)
5) Tek3 (Tom)
6) mavrick92482 (Gerald)
7) Brett
8) Laakness (Mike)
9) ...

Cliffs to those who don't wanna read:
- Bunch of Evos wanting to roll into MOD 2005 together
- Mini-meet night before, somewhere centralized. (Schaumburg?)
- 30-50 Evos rolling in at one time, we all get to park together and wow everyone, PRICELESS

The flyer...
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