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Need help please guys

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Hi guys, I am after a bit of help with my 93 evo 1.
Just had it rebuilt , was 2ks shy of finishing the run in progress when my radiator hose split, temp gauge went below cold, oil looked like it came pissing out of somewhere I soon realised it was the catch can and upon taking it apart there was alot of oil in it. h Anyway got car home, replaced hose filled her with water and tried starting it.. booged straight away, I got it idling rough but after inspecting plugs that were not.fouled or anything but there is water in the cylinder.. turned her over with no spark plugs and cylinder 1 was squirting water out somehow and the exhuast also with the car sounding horrible I turned it off..

Can anyone shed some light please before I talk to my mechanic as it's just been built and I have no idea what happened and dont want the blame on me as I'm ####ing guttered and done everything I was told when running it in.

Thanks in advance everyone.
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts