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NEW! JAM~EVO Venolia Piston/Oliver Rod 2.3 kit

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:thumb: NEW! From Jackson Auto Machine
Here is a complete set of our JAM custom design and Venolia forged pistons and Oliver billet rods for your 2.3 EVO series stroker engine project. Our JAM pistons are the strongest and most durable on the market to date. Designed for high boost, NOS or anything else you can throw at them! Your kit will also contain a set of our Oliver Billet connecting rods with strong ARP bolts.​
This kit will include all of the following components:
*JAM~Venolia pistons, +20 over 8:5-1cr
*Perf "Tuff" coated
*Pin oilers
*.866 Pin set
*Teflon buttons
*JAM~File to fit Prem Ring package
*Oliver Billet Connecting Rods​

Please view them here:

Call us at the shop if you have any questions, 410.859.3269
Thank you!​
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