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New MA crew looking for good members

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Hey my name's Nick and I own a 04 sti. Although I dont have the specific car for he forums, I like looking around the forums and site looking at things about the cars such. I have started a car crew based in MA and I am looking for some members. I will attend all track events at Epping,NH - import wars w/ my sti being modded and racing it. I also have a full show car for shows like HIN. I am having some what of an exclusive list to consider. Turbo cars, sub 14 sec cars, and/or highly modded show cars are only considered. I am not trying to just get a bunch of friends together with whatever kind of car. I am looking for knowledgable people who are really into the scene like I am who can represent for some great cars. More info can be provided if wanted. Please let me know if anyone will be interested as I am trying to get this going good by the spring time to start looking into getting meets and some other thigns going on. Thanks, Nick
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