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Spartan302 said:
I'll get down to it.
03 Apex Silver with 16,500 miles. Excellent shape. Has volk ce28 wheels, aem standalone, upgraded front mount (brand not sure), aftermarket front bumper (brand not sure), intake, greddy bov. New clutch (brand not sure, not oem). Everything else is stock.

From a dealer. I'm guessing it had other mods done to it that were taken off, reasons unknown.

Are there any recalls for the 03 model? I'm guessing the warranty will be void because of the aem.

Besides normal used car bs what else should I be looking for or asking questions about. I have a 91 eclipse so mitsu's aren't new to me, but I have no experiece with evo's. I will try and get compression test numbers also

If your seriously considering buying this car you're a brave man. That better be a screaming deal too. Who knows what that cars been through...
AEM EMS WTF what's on there and who tuned it?
I suspect there's a very scary reason this was traded into the dealer.
... but if it's a screaming deal you really can't pass up;
Do the compression test;
Standard value: 163 psi.
Minimum limit: 138 psi.
Compression pressure differences across all cylinders: <14 psi.
I can't think of any recalls for the 03, but there have been some recurring misfire codes/ECU related. Some had some bad syncros, but were fixed under warranty.
Good luck and keep us posted.
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