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DriftnFRK68 said:
I want to start off with a BOV Turbo timer and boot controller. Maybe a intake and Exhaust. Also some cams if i have to money since most shops wont know the difference between stock and aftermarket. Which way should i go? I like the Greddy type S. And i would like to stay with mostly the same company on boost controller and turbo timer. But if there is a better way to go i will sacrifice style for performance att all costs. Tanabe is the way i would like to go with Exhaust. I had it on my Eclipse and the sound and performance seemd well worth the Price. Everyone says the K&N Typoon Intake is the performance way to go but i never liked K&N. I want this car to be perfection not just slap parts on here and there. I would Apreciate any ideas and help that can be passed along. I want road fast but a Rally Machine.


The exhaust is the first place to start and get what you like with consistant diameter and mandrel bends. Cat-back, test pipe/ high flow cat, and downpipe in that order.
A full intake really isn't required untill you upgrade the turbo. A simple panel filter in the stock box works very well and keeps it looking stock.
A BOV will be required if your going to consistantly run 21+psi.
A turbo timer is nice for peace of mind. They all basically do the same thing, but some have features that are really not needed (RPM's, speed/you already have that on the dash). I do use the Apex TT because it displays O2 value. At least it tells you something that's going on in the motor.
As far as a boost controller; If your going to be changing boost all the time, get an electronic ($200+). If you just want to set it and forget it, get a manual ($50). Both work well. Do the 05's come with a boost gauge? If not, get one before anything else and start thinking about monitoring devices before you really start uping the boost.
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