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hey guys, just wanted to say hi and introduce myself to everyone and let you all know WheelMax is very excited to be working with the community!

My name is Banky and ive been recently appointed to head WheelMax in the online marketing/promotions area and also as the Internet Sales Manager. This is very exciting not only for the company, but for myself also as i really look forward to working with everyone here on this board...

I also want everyone to know how they want me to do the orders. Please do not place your orders through the website. There is no way for the owners to actually track my work if orders are put through the website since the internet is a free flowing place and they would not be able to judge how much work i've put in. The coupon code is also not working and i guess you can say is still in "beta". Instead, they want all orders to go through me directly which i dont mind since i would be able to make sure all orders are 100% correct and are processed quickly. you can reach me at

[email protected]

18005455745 x:1006

To kick it off, I would like to start off by having a special sale for the rest of the month. I am running a promotion for all wheel and tire packages! Please feel free to shop around on our website and take 10% off your total price. But please remember, DO NOT place your order through the website, instead Email me directly at [email protected] or call me at 1800545745 x:1006 to get the package at the discounted price!

We are already offering free mounting and balancing so that your package is ready for installation as soon as you receive them, and also free shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states, and now you can purchase at a discounted price!

Some highlights of our company and what we have to offer;

_+WHEELMAX is the largest mail order wheel and tire company in the country. Experience is what gives us the edge.

_+We are EXCLUSIVE distributors for certaian brands such as Exel, Nex-o, Davaj, and A.Z.A. We also have a lot of other varieties to other brands available!

_+Proper fitment is 100% guaranteed.

_+We offer a very wide selection of wheels, whether you like bling or looking for a staggered setup.

_+We now offer "CARBON FIBER" wheels!

Because you will be dealing with me directly, I will guarantee that you will get the absolute best service in which I could give. I really look forward to working with all of you, so If you have any other questions/comments/concerns please do not hesitate to contact me at:

Banky Pitiranggon
[email protected]
18005455745 x:1006
AIM :: itsmebanky

id also like to know what all of you, as consumers and board memebers, would like to see from wheelmax, as a new board sponsor! i am open to all suggestions and comments!


2. order at [email protected] or 18005455745 x:1006

3. SAVE atleast 10% on your new wheel and tire package!
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