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newbie electronic boost control?

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Does anyone have step by step instructions for installation of a greddy profec b ( the original one). I need directions for install on an evo and I can't find any clear directions.
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help please? want to install myself
id say its the same as a mbc, but you have to run and hide wires. Try running and hiding the wires like a turbo timer. Best i can say, you can always try evolutionm's how-tos
Look under tech and there's a file called Profec A & B help guide. Does that diagram help at all? There's another install diagram inside Spec 2 if the valve unit is similar.

Wait till you try and set it. :cry:
do we have the external wastegate setup or the internal in the evo, cause the directions that came with the ebc specify one or the other? I know this is a real newbie ques.!!!
All stock turbo setups are internal including the EVO.

Is there anyone out there who has installed this that could help me out?
highrEVOlution said:
Is there anyone out there who has installed this that could help me out?
I installed an Power enterprise EBC in my car. I got rid of it for a hallman. In all honesty, you will be a lot happier with the MBC than any EBC. MBC's are more accurate
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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