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Newbie Question

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I'm new to this website and this platform. My last car was a 93 RX7TT and wasn't a reliable daily driver. I wanna make my evo run at least a 12.5 and be a dependable daily driver. What all would you guys recommend I do to get these numbers? The car is stock except for the turboxs bc and supposedly the guy that owned it before me had the car's ecu reflashed for the buschur w/ test pipe setup and intake. He didn't touch the cams or fuel, so I don't know why he did this. I don't know if I should just buy the buschur exhaust and start there or what. Whether I do or dont, what else should I do? All the things that I normally do to the car, such as intake and bov, I'm reading that I shouldn't do that on other threads. Sorry for the novel, but could someone hook me up w/ some answers?
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Well, my thoughts as far as a start was to get the APS intake, ic spayer res, and turboback. I haven't found anyone that has that exhaust that could tell me if it's a good investment or not. Money's not too much of an issue. I'd rather get something outstanding for more money than to just have average for cheaper if you know what I mean. Besides, I'm gonna have the car for a long time, so I wanna put the "good stuff" on it. As far as the APS intake, would there be any more sound from the stock BOV? When I had an srt-4 (sorry) I changed the intake and it made a huge difference in bov sound. I don't still have the bolt-on's from when he had it. Oh, also, are there any reputable shops around VA Beach that anyone knows about?
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