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Newbie Question

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I'm new to this website and this platform. My last car was a 93 RX7TT and wasn't a reliable daily driver. I wanna make my evo run at least a 12.5 and be a dependable daily driver. What all would you guys recommend I do to get these numbers? The car is stock except for the turboxs bc and supposedly the guy that owned it before me had the car's ecu reflashed for the buschur w/ test pipe setup and intake. He didn't touch the cams or fuel, so I don't know why he did this. I don't know if I should just buy the buschur exhaust and start there or what. Whether I do or dont, what else should I do? All the things that I normally do to the car, such as intake and bov, I'm reading that I shouldn't do that on other threads. Sorry for the novel, but could someone hook me up w/ some answers?
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Excalibur said:
Sorry for the novel, but could someone hook me up w/ some answers?
Don't trip. :thumb:
Do you still have the test pipe and intake?
If your serious about hitting a specific number, your going to need fuel control, control a flash isn't going to give you. Consider getting reflashed to stock and start fresh.
You don't have to get a Buschur exhaust if you don't want to. Get the one that you like, that is consistant diameter, mandrel bent, and fits your budget.
An upgraded BOV really isn't required unless your going to consistantly run 21+psi.
An intake really isn't required until you upgrade the turbo. I'll admit to a little rice though; I slapped on a K&N cone because I missed hearing my turbo spool. :laugh:
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