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OEM evo8 pistons and rings

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Hey guys does anyone know where I could get oem evo8 pistons with rings besides the dealer? thanks
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You can get it from many of the shops that deal with the Evo's. No matter where you get them from they will be from Mitsubishi anyways. You would be better off getting a good aftermarket replacement for the money. Good luck.

why do you want stock? why not get ross or wiseco forged? unless of course money is an issue
IIRC, last time I ordered a stock piston they weren't much less than a Wiseco. Most everyone that does that regrets it in the end ;)
I need to know...

I have a '05 Evo and I'm trying to figure out how much horsepower can my stock bottom-end handle? Cuz I have a DDS Racing Service T-70 Ball-Bearing Turbocharger for it that I paid $2800 for. My car only has about 22k miles on it. Much help is accepted. thanks...

:cry: :cry: :cry: :confused: :cry: :cry: :cry:
Around 550whp is where you start pushing it in terms of reliability. More power can be made, but it's not wise.

What in the world is a "DDS Racing Service T-70"? Are you sure that turbo works well on the Evo and that it's what you want? You can get full Buschur turbo kits (turbo, manifold, dp, etc) for $2995 that are proven to work extremely well. Hopefully, you already have all that figured out.
do anyone know what is the max psi on the engine head gasket on a evo 8
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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