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I just called a local shop to see hoe much they wanted to install my EGT and boost gauge.......$300 I was told.......I hung up laughing my a$$ off...

I mean, come on now.....just because I don't know how to install gauges doesn't mean I'm dumb! I won't ever call that place again!
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Wow!!! That's insane man. It's really easy to do. Just make sure that you have a really good bit of the proper size and a good tap. It helps to start with a smaller drill bit if you are going to do it with the turbo on. Also, applying some wd40 or other lubricant helps with the drilling.
Yea the lubricant really helps to save the drill bit.

Installing gauges is a sinch.

Only thing is, when you guys do it, do you have to cut a slit in the steering boot, or is there another way where you don't have to cut anything...thats what I would want to do.
i know nothing about evos, but i would not cut through the boot if you don't have to. i personally like a sealed cockpit especially on a brand new car(lucky asses)

i would just drill a hole that is about the right size for your wires/vacume line and then try and seal it up with some sylicone. or if its not a big deal about sealing don't worry about the sylicone, but i would still drill a hole in the fire wall for it cuz your steering wheel moves around and stuff and you wouldn't wanna kink your vac hose for your boost gauge.
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