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Here's the low down:

I own a subaru impreza and over on an associate and I have began selling 11"x17" posters using a design that I created. My partner has sold numerous copies of his own design and now sold quite a few with the new batch. I'm thinking of expanding our horizons and doing a similar type with different types of cars.

What I'm looking for:

The subject car/cars need to be photogenic (ie. no rust, no unpainted body kits, no steelies, etc). The car does NOT need to be crazy hooked up, a clean example of a mostly stock car WILL work. You have to be near chicago or able to travel to chicago (suburb, elmhurst, IL to be exact) with the cleaned car.

What's in it for you:

The owner of the subject car will recieve a copy of the completed poster. They will recieve high quality digital images of the raw photos that were taken during the photoshoot as well. You will obviously be featured in this poster and as a result people will be able to gauk at your car when they put their poster on the wall! I am not offering any money for this as none of us are real professionals. I can also offer dating advice as well as directions to the bathroom if need be (although you might want to disregard the dating advice).

Hey! I've got a car!

Then please contact me at your convenience.
You can use either:
1. Email = [email protected]
2. Aol Instant Messenger = UntamedEvolution
Upon talking with me we can set up a date, on a (cross my fingers... nice day/night) and go from there.

Thanks everyone for reading through this. If you know someone else who may be interested, any nice-clean car for that matter, let me know or give them my contact info.
Post any questions or comments... thanks

p.s. link to our current project...

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