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Picked up GT4 last night

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Got it at Wal-Mart even though it wasn't supposed to come out till Thursday. Anyways they let you bring in up to 100,000 credits from GT3 and the licenses. So I bought a EVO MR and already got it up to 520hp. Pretty cool game. I'm not a huge gamer, but I do like the Gran Turismo series.

Oh, I also got a Turbo Talon :) Too bad it starts out as an ESi model.
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I got mine fully upgraded now, except nitrous and it ran a 10.6 with no suspension tweaking. One of the Tuner companies has a AWD VW R32 with 550 hp and is only 32k!!! Not a bad little car.
yeah that R32 is awesome for the money. Well in the game I mean. I have read a few articles about it and that is an impressive little car. I just think I would spend my money elsewhere if I had that kinda cash. I have beaten all the Beginner now and half of the Pro. Also done a lot of the one car only races in the individual makes. I love the game but I wish the graphics were better and the damn shaky starts are killing me.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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