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Picked up GT4 last night

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Got it at Wal-Mart even though it wasn't supposed to come out till Thursday. Anyways they let you bring in up to 100,000 credits from GT3 and the licenses. So I bought a EVO MR and already got it up to 520hp. Pretty cool game. I'm not a huge gamer, but I do like the Gran Turismo series.

Oh, I also got a Turbo Talon :) Too bad it starts out as an ESi model.
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DaveVIII said:
I got mine fully upgraded now, except nitrous and it ran a 10.6 with no suspension tweaking. One of the Tuner companies has a AWD VW R32 with 550 hp and is only 32k!!! Not a bad little car.

Yeah that car is uber sick.
Its HPA twin turbo R32. I have actually had the honor of sitting into on a boost run. :eek: I was at waterfest last year when they unvailed it.
In real life this car would cost you 32k to buy the car, 23k for stg 1, 30k for stage 2, and about 10k in other misc. So you are talking about 100k by the time you are done with the install. But you get what you pay for, OEM like drive with 550whp/580wtq that goes 0-60 in 3.2 all through a bullet proof twin turbo 3.2l VR6 block, and 3-6 Gear Hardened and lengthened gear set (192.5 mph/7000rpm). Is it worth it maybe, would I pay for 100k for a VW NO!
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