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Pics of my new car...not Evo

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Hey guys, I said I'd post pics of my car once I got it, so here they are.

Since then though, I changed both the emblems to Euro style ones...and that one front on pic doesn't give the grill really looks good, that pic just made it look weird.

anyway thats what I'm crusing in now...and I'm still down for any AutoX's or Track events until I leave in August.
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When is a turbo kit going on? :D

Lol...probably never. If I ever do forced induction, it would be a SC because it is VERY easy to set-up and shows great gains. Its almost like it was made to come like that from the factory. But first will be maintaince stuff, like Zaino, and a nice leather conditioner (townsend), then probably a Valentine One, next a reinforced rear diff and 4.57 gears in the back (stock are 4.10) exhaust, header, intake...maybe eventually I'll get to an SC...but if I ever do, it'll take a while.
Very nice s2k...I've been in my boy's light blue one....they are a blast to be in and drive (test drive) :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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