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PLX R-500 Digital Wideband A/F Data Logging Computer

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I just found this on PLX web site. has anyone seen this or used it yet....... this bad boy measures wideband A/F, EGT, Knock and it data logs for $579.00.

PLX R-500

• R-500 dash mountable compact wideband controller
• Bosch LSU 4.2 Wideband O2 Sensor
• 3ft Bosch O2 Sensor Harness (Controller side)
• 8ft Bosch O2 Sensor Harness (O2 sensor side)
• 3ft Main Harness (controller side)
• 3ft Main Harness (user side)
• 3ft Main Harness Power Wires (user side)
• 3ft K-Type thermal coupler wire (EGT probe sold separately)
• 6ft USB interface cable (R-500 -> PC connectivity)
• PLX parallel port firmware re-flash card
• Five 0.1uF 50V monolithic capacitors
• CD with USB device driver, operating manual in PDF, Latest version of PLX Logger,firmware re-flash utility.
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just to let you know i ordered the R-500, and it should be here be the end of the week!!!!!! i will le you know what i find
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