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PRofec Type-S

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im sure everyone knows of this but i havent really heard anything about its besides the basics:

As easy to use as a manual boost controller, but with advanced electronic boost controller response & consistency, the PRofec Type-S keeps things simple. Based on the ever-popular Original PRofec B-Spec, the Type-S has two rotary switches to select two independent boost setting (a Lo. and a Hi.), while another "Gain" switch compensates the wastegate’s valve response. Now, matched with a quick acting, large capacity inline control solenoid, the Type-S can increase boost as high as 3.0kg/cm2 (42.66psi) and it works with both integral and external wastegate set-ups, while still being compatible with our Remote Switching System or SCC & adapter.

i have an hallman rx, and was thinking about this g-reddy PRofec Type-S, and i just wanted to know what everyones pros and cons are about this? is it a good move or should i stay with my hallman rx? :thumb: or :thumbdown cuz im :confused: :|
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What's wrong with the Hallman?
How often to you raise/lower boost?
nothing wrong with the hallman at all i love it, just been seeing the g-reddy everywhere lately so thought id ask.
If you love it stick with it. I've always used a MBC. Set it once, your done, and easy to install. An EBC looks pretty inside, but it does the same thing. It would only be worth changing if your constantly changing your boost.
Valuable if you want to have different boost settings for pump and race fuel (important to me) so that you can switch the boost immediately and accurately. On the other hand, I just put tick marks in my MBC control knob so that I know right where my pump and fuel boost settings are. =)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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