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Ok...i have installed radiators before...just wondering if there is anything special or "tricky" about evo radiator installs. I have an account with Mitchells On Demand and looked up remove and replace procedures..all looks good, but it says i need to remove what they call ..."airhose E, airpipe C, and airhose D" but it has nothing to say what said pipes are. Anybody installed a radiator on one of these things before? let me know whats up, or what you ran into. Thanks gotta get my car back on the Road...

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I upgraded my radiator recently, and I just removed it again today to get my o2 housing off, so this is fresh on my mind. If the radiator is made to drop right in and work on the Evo, then there should be nothing special to worry about. This is how I did it:

1) Remove undertray - such a pain.
2) Open drain plug with a drain pan below it just enough for a slight trickle, then slowly open the radiator cap until you get a steady flow without spraying.
3) When empty, disconect lower radiator hose and upper radiator hose - be prepared for some more fluid leakage.
4) From underneath, disconnect fan controller box from back of radiator fan - 2 10mm bolts. Let it hang until you pull the whole radiator/fan assembly out.
5) Not sure if this is the same for everyone, but I think so: if you don't remove your UICP, then there are 2 metal brackets on the fan under the UICP that hit the UICP when you pull out the radiator+fan, so I bend those brackets DOWN to the right so that they will clear the UICP. They easily bend back upright upon re-install, although only 1 needs to be moved back up to original position.
6) Remove bolts from upper bushings holding the radiator in place: 12mm, I believe. Then remove bushings and set aside.
7) Disconnect overflow hose from overflow bottle and leave connected to radiator - new radiator should have its own hose, but if not, then disconnect from stock radiator and re-use.
8) Remove whole radiator+fan assembly from car from through the top of the engine bay.
9) Remove fan from radiator with 2 10mm bolts on top, remove lower radiator bushings (slip fit), then install bushings and fan onto new radiator.

Repeat in reverse order and refill with fluid.
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